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About The Coalition

To bring attention to the needs of the US-169 corridor, in 2008 communities and counties, from Mankato in Blue Earth County to Bloomington and Edina in Hennepin County, began a series of meetings. In the spring of 2009, the U.S. Highway 169 Corridor Coalition was officially established to advocate for the corridor.

The Challenges

US-169 is a robust, multi-modal transportation corridor that is important to the state and bordering communities. Challenges to its ongoing success include:

  • Investment in a solution to one of the most congested interchanges in the Regional Interstate/Arterial Roadway System, i.e. I-494/US-169.
  • Identification of the US-169 corridor as an important regional transit corridor.
  • Enhancements to important connections between rail, roads and transit within the corridor.
  • Improvements that better connect the southern portion of the corridor to state, regional and international markets, such as those served by the Ports of Savage, one of the nation’s most critical intermodal freight-moving facilities.

Transportation Planning and Data Trends Maps

In its efforts to ensure the continuing viability of US-169, the U.S. Highway 169 Corridor Coalition is building on extensive studies and plans that have already been completed. In addition to existing plans, the Coalition tracks data on Population Trends and Safety Trends along the corridor. Below are two maps that show data trends in the corridor: Population and Traffic Volumes 2000-2015 and Corridor Traffic Safety Performance 2015-2020.

Population & Traffic Volumes Trend Map

Corridor Traffic Safety Performance