In Progress

There are currently two projects on US 169 in progress, including 1 priority project: TH 41/CSAH 78 and CSAH 14.
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There are currently 11 planned/proposed projects on US 169, including 2 priority projects: Managed Lanes and the Bloomington Ferry Bridge.
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As of 2018, 11 projects on US 169 have been completed.
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Priority Projects Quick Look:

Constructed in 1996, the US-169 Bloomington Ferry Bridge over the Minnesota River operates at and over-capacity during peak times, causing congestion and freight delay on a regionally significant river crossing corridor. Low cost/high benefit improvements such as restriping and expansion of the bridge ramps are proposed for construction consideration. The Hwy 169 Mobility Study contains specific recommendations for low-cost improvements.

In 2010 MnDOT completed Phase 2 of the MnPASS System Study. The study considered the feasibility of adding MnPASS Express Lanes on several highways in the Twin Cities Metro area. The US-169 corridor from Shakopee to I-494 was included in the analysis. US-169 Mobility Study provides additional technical analysis of MnPASS alternatives along the US-169 corridor. Implementation of a managed MnPASS lane would decrease congestion and increase travel time reliability on this portion of the corridor.

An interchange at TH-41/CSAH-78 is programmed for construction in 2018. This interchange will significantly improve the safety and mobility on the US-169 corridor and river crossing access via TH-41. In addition, the project includes a proposed overpass near CH-14 and extension of the frontage road system along the east side of US-169 between CH-78 and CH-14. The expectation is to begin construction at the end of 2018. This project will improve the safety and mobility in this area by removing direct access to US-169. This project is consistent with the long-term vision of converting this segment of US-169 into a freeway.

The US-169 bridge over Nine Mile Creek in Hopkins, Minnetonka, and Edina was replaced with a causeway. Construction was completed in 2017. The project reconstructed more than six miles of pavement along US-169 between TH-55 and TH-62, constructed acceleration and deceleration lanes on US-169 at Cedar Lake Rd, and removed access to and from southbound US-169 at 16th St in St. Louis Park. The Nine Mile Creek causeway was built at a sufficient width to accommodate future expansion needs such as a third lane in each direction and bus shoulders.

Transitway Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is being studied as part of the Hwy 169 Mobility Study from Shakopee to downtown Minneapolis. Two alternatives are being considered. Both alternatives utilize Hwy 169 in Shakopee from Marschall Road north to Betty Crocker Drive and east to downtown Minneapolis via I-394 or via TH-55. The purpose of the study is to increase access to jobs and destinations, provide transportation choices, and improve safety and travel times for Hwy 169 travelers.